The co-creator

The Co-Creation Game

This workshop is for sales and marketing professionals who want to move from selling to co-creating value with their customers. We have created a business simulation game that
teaches you how to manage the process of value co-creation with your customer in a highly engaging way.

Unlike other types of commercial trainings we have developed a workshop that:

  1. enables you to put yourself into the shoes of a co-creation project leaders and see how your actions impacts others in real time,
  2. teaches you all the latest relevant theories on leadership and co-creation using a learning by doing approach,
  3. provides you with business tools providing a common language to easily communicate, analyse and manage your co-creation projects.

Course Objectives The objectives of this course are:

  • Get to know the key trends and changes in sales now, rather than having to catch up later
  • Get ahead of the competition by exploring new ways to further enhance your competitiveness by co-creating with rather then selling value to your customers
  • Let yourself be inspired by a brand-new and unique program, based on a state-of-theart research project
  • Put yourself into the shoes of a business developer and manage a co-creation projects
  • Learn the soft skills you need to manage and lead a team of stakeholders through a cocreation process

Program Overview This is a 1 day program

What is Value Co-Creation?

What is the meaning of term Value in sales? 

How is value created? 


Co-Creation Game: Part 2

What are the steps in a change process? 

How to manage stakeholder resistance? 


How can you apply the learnings

What is the Co-Creation Methodology? 

Exercise: Use the methodology on one of your own projects? 

Co-Creation Game: Part 1

What are the steps in the co-creation process? 

Why do some stakeholders resist? 

What is the difference between managing and leading the process?

Co-Creation Game : Part 3

What are the different leadership styles? 

When should you use which style? 

What are the key management and leadership activities in each stage of the process?

Outcome After this session the participants will know:

Competencies This course aims to develop the following competencies at the follow: