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Key Account Management Game

The goal of this serious business bame, is to provide current and future key account managers an experience based training solution that enables them to learn all the relevant models and theories in a fun, interactive and competitive setting.

Course Objectives The objectives of this course are:

  • Key Account Management: Understand the key account management process.
  • Organisational Buying Behaviour: How do organisations buy?
  • Value Management: How to add value in order to enhance your relationship.

Program Overview This is a 1 day program

KAM Game: Part 1 Positioning

- What are the different stages in the customer relationship? The participants will learn how customer relationships mature over time and how they can be organised in stages. 

- What are the customer buying preferences? The participants will learn how customer buy and how they decide on their buying preferences.

KAM Game: Part 3 Customer Profitability

- What is customer profitability? The participants will learn how to calculate the profitability of their customers.  

How can you apply the learnings?

- What is the Key Account Management Method? The participants will learn how to apply the different models they learned during the game, on their customer situation. 

KAM Game: Part 2: Buying Behaviour

- How do organisations buy? The participants will learn how customer organise their suppliers and how it translate in their buying behavior. 

- Which sales approach is most appropriate with which buying approach? The participants will learn about the different types of sellign and when each is most appropriate.  

KAM Game: Part 4 Customer Life Time Value

 What is Customer Life Time Value? The participants will learn how to calculate and manage the life time value of their customers.  

- How can I increase the Life Time Value of my customer? The participants will learn what the different strategies are to increase the customer life time value. 

Outcome After this session the participants will know:

  • learn how customers determine with what supplier they will work. 
  • learn how to differentiate customer buying strategies, and how to react on this.
  • learn how to assess and develop relationships with customers and stakeholders in a competitive environment
  • learn to measure and manage the value of your customer relationships.

Competencies This course aims to develop the following competencies at the follow:

  • Relationship Skill

    During this session the participants will learn how to develop and maintain customer relationships.

  • Analytical Skills

    The game will require the participants to develop their account analytical capabiltiies.