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Sales 2020 Workshop Develop your sales roadmap

What will your sales organization look like in 2020? The increasing complexity of business means that most sales solutions are complex and require a transformation of your sales organization rather than improvements. Transformational change typically requires a makeover of all the components of a sales force (e.g. performance management, data and tools, incentives, training and coaching) in order to keep the sales activity aligned with the demands of the current and future market. This workshop brings you a methodology on how to analyse current and future trends affecting your sales organisation and translate them into a vision and a roadmap for your sales transformation project.


Course Objectives The objectives of this course are:

  • Discover the trends that are shaping your current sales organization and how they will continue to shape your organization tomorrow.
  • Develop a roadmap to anticipate these changes keeping the effectiveness of your sales organization high.

Workshop Overview 1/2 day workshop

What are the current and future trends in sales?

- What are the past, current and future trends in sales? The participants will perform an exercise mapping the changes that happened in their organisation over the past 5 years.

- What is the impact of these changes on the sales function? The participants will learn how the future trends will impact the sales function and what it will mean for their sales organisation. 

How to build a sales transformation roadmap?

- How to transform a sales organisation? The participants will learn by doing, how to complete a sales transformation roadmap. 

Outcome After this session the participants will know:

  • how what the main trends are that are affecting your own sales organisation
  • how to develop a vision / roadmap for your sales organisation
  • how other organizations are dealing with these trends

Competencies This course aims to develop the following competencies at the follow:

  • Market Knowledge

    The partcipants will be asked to analyse the trends in their market and think how these reflect on their organisation.