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Sales Crafting Workshop How to redesign your job

Job Crafting is an innovative process to help sales people to redesign their job based on their inner strengths, pasions and motives to a job that is better suited to them. the aim is to shift the emphasis of the job towards things that the sales person does really well, and away from those where their performance is likely to be weaker. Job crafting may seem like a simple idea but what makes it really powerful is that it allows sales people to increase the control you have over your own professional life. 

Jobs can typically be redesigned based on: 

- Task Crating: This involves changing the way in which the work is actually done. 

- Relationship Crafting. This involves changing the people with who the sales person works. These could be customers aswell as internal colleagues. 

- Perceptual Crating. This involves changing the sales person's perception on a specific task and its actual purpose. 

- Contextual Crating. This involves changing the environment in which the sales person actually performs his or her job. 

Our workshop is based on a workbook that will guide the sales people analysing their own job and get insight into their own strengths and motives and redeisgn the job in a way that fits better with their strengths. 


Course Objectives The objectives of this course are:

  • Critically analysed how they currently perform their job. 
  • Identify their real motives, passions and strengths 
  • Exchanged best practices about how to complete certain tasks. 
  • Redesigned how they will perform their job in the future.

Workshop Overview 1/2 day workshop

What is Job Crafting?

How motivated are you in your job? 

Why are some people more motivated than others? 

What is job crafting and how do your do it? 

Exercise: How motivated are you in your current job? 

What are your strengths, motives and passions?

What are you good at? 

What can drives you and do you want to get better at? 

Which of your current tasks enable you to take advantage of your stengths, motives and passions? 


What are you going to do about it?

What ar eyou going to change in your job and how? 

Why are these changes important to you?

If you do not change what will happen? 


What does your job look like?

What are the tasks your perform? 

What is the purpose of your job? 

How do you feel about your job? 

How would you redesign your job?

What aspects (tasks, context, relationships, perception) would you like to change in your job? 

How would your ideal job look like? 

Outcome After this session the participants will know:

Competencies This course aims to develop the following competencies at the follow: